Poor Fit?
Problem Solved.

Clothie is a cloud-based platform that uses advanced AI vision technology to help shoppers buy clothes to their preferred fit based on the measurements of clothes they already own.

A $28 Billion Problem.

Returned clothes due to poor fit is costing the fashion retail industry billions. For example, last year £700m of clothes were returned to ASOS due to poor fit, that’s 11.7m garments, costing ASOS over £250m in shipping and processing charges.

Clothie is set to fix this massive problem by changing the way people find and buy clothes. Instead of ordering multiple sizes online or spending hours in changing rooms, Clothie's advance AI vision technology allows shoppers to take pictures of the clothes they already own and shows them only clothes that match key dimensions, finding the perfect fit every time.

Proven Technology.

Clothie measures customers favourite clothes so it can find them new clothes that fit. An MVP has been created to prove the core functionality of image analysis and measurement. Now that this has been tested, we are currently in the process of moving Clothie to the cloud to make access completely unrestricted.

Download iOS Prototype

Our Vision.

Our vision for Clothie is simple: to radically improve the way people buy clothes online and in-store. We're taking personalised shopping to the limit, where customers can have full confidence that new clothes they like the style of are clothes they will love.

No more "I can't be bothered to try it on," or "I'd better order two in case one doesn't fit." Imagine where shoppers can say to their voice-activated device, "Order me a blue shirt for work."

Clothie for all.

Clothie saves the customer time searching, buying and returning clothes due to poor fit and clothie saves the retailers money shipping and processing returns due to poor fit. Clothie is also set to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint across the supply chain.

AI Vision.

We’re turning images into memory chips that can be queried like a database, creating smart pixels that know where they are and what’s around them.

Mm Accuracy.

Clothie is mm accurate because your perfect fit is that precise it needs to be.


When a shopper takes a picture of their clothes, the images are uploaded and processed in the cloud. The measurement data is then encapsulated in the images themselves.


What does clothie do?

Clothie is technology that measures clothes from just a photo. Clothie can be used to measure the fit of your favourite clothes.

Why would I want to use clothie?

Clothie measures your favourite clothes so it can find you new clothes that fit. Saving you time searching, buying and returning clothes because they don’t fit.

Why does clothie measure my clothes and not my body?

Your body measurements only help find clothes that will fit on you - not that fit you. Your perfect fit is part of your personality and your perfect fit makes you feel good. Your precise, perfect fit measurements are “locked” up in your favourite clothes and they’re the ones clothie measures.

What’s the user experience like?

It simple to use clothie you just take a few pictures of your favourite clothes, clothie stores them in your very own clothie closet and clothie uses the measurements to help find you new clothes that will fit you.

How does the technology work?

Clothie team have built A.I. machine vision technology that can measure clothes from a single photo - like a selfie of your clothes!

How accurate is clothie?

Clothie is mm accurate because your perfect fit is that precise it needs to be.

How does it find me clothes that fit?

Clothie compares your perfect fit measurements to manufactures technical specifications, ranks + curates new clothes based on your perfect fit.

How does clothie differentiate itself from it’s competitors like TrueFit?

Clothie helps you find clothes that fit without having to shop or look at everything. Our competitors advise you what size to buy, using your body measurements which won’t determine your perfect fit.

What clothie’s business model?

Clothie is a SAAS business we want to provide our technology to business that are trying to solve the headache for retailers around poor fit.

Do I have to download an app?

We have a MVP product you can download here but clothie is currently being moved into the cloud so you can use it on any platform or device!

Join the Revolution


We are currently looking to build working relationships with retailers and parters to pilot Clothie in a real world context. If you are interested in talking to us please get in touch via daniel@clothie.co.uk.


If you are a seed, private equity or VC investment firm with knowledge of the retail fashion industry and see the huge potential in changing how the world buys clothes, please contact daniel@clothie.co.uk.

The Team

Our team is an eclectic mix of big thinkers and professional doers. Collectively we have a successful track record of building disruptive technologies and creating powerful brands.


A serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in building companies, solving problems and having great ideas..


Over 25 years experience in branding, business strategy, design & UX. Track record in solving complex issues through creative innovation.


Entrepreneur with over 20 years running global tech business - Google, Amazon & Apple partner.


A global expert in Artificial Intelligence Machine Vision with over 30 years experience.